Life Lessons Only Survivor Can Teach Us

Survivor means so much to so many people. For super fans like us, this show is more than watching cool challenges and finding out who gets voted out each week.

It’s more about getting a good look at the complicated human psyche. It gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to be stripped clean of everything you’ve grown to need and then forced to co-exist with people you’re more likely to not get along with.

Survivor stimulates the mind. Anyone who said watching TV is a passive experience couldn’t be any more wrong because Survivor triggers discussions. There are so many layers to each episode that will get you thinking and you end up debating with friends about the repercussions of certain moves.

Survivor, in some levels, shows us a slice of our personalities as we identify with different castaways. But what I like most about the Survivor experience is it teaches us some very important life lessons.

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