It’s A Captivating April on TLC

And on TLC this April, UK farmer and food lover Jimmy Doherty takes you on an epic adventure across Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory in search of the country’s best cuisines on Jimmy’s Australian Food Adventure. Watch as he embarks on enthralling adventures beyond the kitchen — from crocodile wrangling in the tropical wetlands of the Northern Territory, to mud-crabbing in The Kimberley region of Western Australia, and to turning bee keeper for a day on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Join Jimmy along with Australia’s top chefs, brewers, vintners and farmers as he tries brand new food innovations such as lemonade fruit and a pearl meat sensation. This all-new series premieres on April 5 at 9 PM on TLC.

Jimmy's Australian Food Adventure (1)

Discover a culinary paradise unlike anything else on the planet as Heston Blumenthal invites you to his haven in Inside Heston’s World. Through his pioneered innovative ways of viewing food, Heston’s restaurants and creative projects have reached whole new levels of cookery excellence – but he’s about to face his biggest challenge yet. The Fat Duck, his flagship restaurant, is migrating and Heston is picking up his entire restaurant, staff, and facilities and moving it 10,000 miles to Melbourne, Australia. There he shall attempt not only to open, but to successfully run his whole food operation in a foreign country for seven months – a feat no 3 Michelin-starred restaurant has yet attempted. Watch Heston expand his world as the series premiers this April 26 at 10 PM on TLC.

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