Halloween Is Coming Early: Check Out Our Top 10 Asian Horror Films

A girl woke up in the middle of the night, heads down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As she finished her last gulp, all of the lights started to flicker. She shrugs it off, believing it was some sort of power issues and climbs back up her bedroom.

When her eyes started to get heavy and she was on the brink of dozing off. Her television suddenly turned on. A loud crackly sound enveloped her bedroom. She panickly grabbed the remote control and immediately turned it off.

The sound hurt her ears. She leaned to her right facing her bathroom door, wishing for a good night rest. Then she noticed that the bathroom light was on and the door was hanging open. She hesitantly stood up, proceeds to the bathroom door, and before her hand touched the doorknob, she heard something that made her freeze in horror.

She heard a faint giggle on the other side of the door. As if someone was amused at something inside her own bathroom. Goosebumps filled her chalk-white skin. She was a logical person and she knows, for a fact, that there must be an explanation for that giggle. She mustered all of her courage and forcibly pushed the door open.

Nothing! There was nothing inside. It was how her bathroom normally looked like when she last left it. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, rolled her eyes and laughed a bit. How silly she was imagining such things.

She turned off the lights and headed back to bed. Then another giggle. But this time, more loud and resounding. It was a though it came right past her as she turned her back against the bathroom. She slowly glanced back and to her surprise, the light was on again.

Someone was peeking at the back of the bathroom door. Adrenaline kicked in and she dashed back to her bed, grabbed the covers and hid under it. She managed to peek a bit out of the covers and caught a glimpse of the bathroom. She was looking intently on the spot where she last saw those staring eyes, when all of a sudden all the lights went out.

She hid under the covers again, whimpered and started to cry. The silence was deafening and she could only hear her loud breathing. She grabbed her mobile phone at her bedside table, switched on the flashlight application. It almost blinded her.

As she squinted her eyes to get her vision back. She saw her feet, secured under the covers. She lifted a bit of her blanket and looked at the scene outside. It was pitch dark in her room. She pointed the light at every direction it captured.

A dark figure passed by her. She covered herself again, now scared and crying hysterically with eyes closed. She had nowhere else to run. She whispered a silent prayer and kept reminding herself it was only a bad dream.

When she got her wits back, she snatched her phone and decided to make a run for it. Before she was able to get out of the cover, something cold grabbed her by the feet. She panned the phone by her feet, and the last thing she saw were bloodshot eyes, a sinister smile dripping with blood and long black hair. A loud scream was the last thing ever heard from her room followed by a faint giggle before she vanished into thin air.

Creepy, eh? Well aren’t Asians good with building such suspense in their horror masterpiece?

Halloween is just around the corner. But why don’t we start listing the 10 scariest Asian horror flick?

In no particular order, here are the 10 most bone-chilling Asian horror films:

1. The Eye

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

This is the story of a blind violinist who underwent a cornea transplant. Lucky her right? but little did she know that her new gained eyesight had a price to pay. She started seeing mysterious figures and ghosts, edging her to the core of her sanity. Eye transplant anyone?

2. Doll Master

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Dolls are adorable toys. Until they started murdering your friends. Doll Master is a 2004 South Korean film that tells the story of revenge and obsession. Imagine Toy Story but darker, I literally mean dark and scary.

3. One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari)

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Starring one of Japan’s hottest female leads, Kou Shibasaki, One Missed Call is a must see J-Horror. Getting a phone call or MMS from yourself in the future, predicting your untimely death. That is one sick movie. I still get creeped out when I hear that ringtone. Eeekkk

4. 4bia

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

A Thai Horror film with 4 stories that would scare the wits out of you. I recommend you see the 1st, 3rd and 4th story. Especially the first part, where this girl with a cast-leg found a way to kill boredom by texting a stranger, until…. I don’t want to spoil it, go see for yourself. Lol.

5. Ju-On, The Grudge

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Now this is one of the most iconic J-Horrors ever produced. Birthing several sequels and an American remake. The story of a cursed house seeking revenge to those who dare step on its doors. Remember the moment when one of the female characters found the ghost under her blanket! Yeessshhh, nobody wanted to hid under the covers anymore after that.

6. The Ring

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

This movie made Ju-On looked like a cake walk. The film garnered a lot of international attention with the start of cursed chain e-mails and SMS messages. The story is about a journalist, unraveling the mystery behind the deaths of teenagers after watching a cursed tape. Nobody wanted to watch television after this came out. And Sadako will forever scar our lives.

7. Feng Shui

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

During the period where Chinese Horoscope and Fortune Telling were a major hit in the Philippines. This 2004 movie took us to the darker side of luck and zodiac. The movie centers with a cursed Bagua, that whoever looks at it will die a gruesome death involving the Chinese Zodiac year they were born in.

8. Alone

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

The movie revolves around conjoined female twins being shown in flashbacks. Only one of the twins is living at the present and is being haunted by the other. The twist in this movie was not expected and exemplary executed.

9. Shutter

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

One of the most ground-breaking Thai Horror films I’ve ever laid eyes on. The plot and scares along the way just make me cringe out of fear. And who would ever forget the conclusion at the very end of the movie.

10. Audition

photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org

This is a film about a middle-aged widower who got convinced in getting a new wife. They started to round up female prospects by doing an audition. Of course a lucky girl got picked or is it the other way around? This movie is absolutely not for the squeamish. Disturbing and gory, the films starts with a very light-hearted ambiance then as the story escalates, the killing begins. As they always say, “Don’t fear the dead, but the living”.

Get your popcorns ready and grab a screaming partner. For these 10 Asian Horror films will surely make you wish you haven’t dared watched it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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