Goodbye Pimples and Hello Smoother Skin – Witness Three Ladies’ #BagongGandaBagongPagAsa Journey to Renewal with Maxi-Peel

We’ve seen it happen before. Girls you know develop insecurities after seeing more beautiful girls—those with better figures and fairer and smoother skin. It could be a close friend, sister, cousin, or your girlfriend. And no matter how you try to tell them they’re beautiful in their own special way, they still feel awful.

We really cannot blame them. These days, the standard of beauty has been greatly influenced by the things we see on magazines and TV ads. Sadly, most of these portray beauty in a way that sometimes makes girls feel insecure and unsure about themselves.

Oftentimes, media dictates that being beautiful means having the perfect body and flawless skin. While there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to have these qualities, it may send the wrong message to those who aren’t blessed with perfect looks—like those ladies with skin problems.

Skin problems are among the top concerns for women. And since every girl wants to have beautiful, flawless skin, experiencing breakouts can make life miserable.

30% of women aged 25 and above experience pimple breakouts in the Philippines, according to Mylene Tatco, MD, from the Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians, Incorporated.

Although that’s data from last year, it’s safe to assume that the numbers either stayed right there or even increased. Regardless, 30% is still a significant part of the population. Having that many women suffer from acne breakouts can only mean that there are lots of girls who are suffering from humiliation and discomfort of having pimples.

The effects of acne go beyond looking unpleasant. Breakouts can cause depression, social withdrawal, anger, poor self-image, and low self-esteem. Crystal, Belle, and Shane know these things very well because they’ve gone through those.

These brave ladies know what it’s like to not be confident and not give their 100% because of their skin problems. And they’re sharing their stories with one of the brightest stars in local showbiz, Marian Rivera, so they can reach out to more people.

Crystal Maxi Peel

Crystal is about to graduate college and is set on a career in tourism. She wants to work in an airline but despite being beautiful, she’s worried that her pimples can hinder her dreams of soaring high.

She revealed that she grew up winning beauty contests and getting picked as muse. Neighbors used to tell her how pretty she is but when she started to experience breakouts, she avoided going out.

Although she knows she has what it takes to land her dream job, the condition of her skin makes her worried about her chances of getting hired.

Belle Maxi Peel

Belle is about to get married abroad. But before she walks down the aisle, she has to tread one rough road first: the road to getting smoother and more beautiful skin.

When this bride-to-be first had acne in high school, the effects were so bad she had to miss her birthday because she felt bad and shy. Now that her most special day is about to come, Belle wants to look her best. She certainly won’t want to miss her own wedding!

Shane Maxi Peel

Shane, a management candidate, has a work schedule that can further aggravate her skin condition. She used to feel very confident before her acne problems. Now, there are times when she can’t help but feel disappointed when people seem to be looking more at her pimples when engaged in a conversation or doubt what she’s saying because of her appearance. Understandably, anyone would feel bad after that.

Her skin condition also poses as a challenge in her current work. Will she be able to bring back her old skin and finally regain the confidence she lost?

I’m sure their stories are, in some ways, reflective of what other women experience. And if you’re one of the many girls who desperately want to get rid of pimples but have been disappointed by ineffective treatments, follow Belle, Crystal, and Shane’s lead and embark on a journey to a better you.

With Marian’s help, these ladies have discovered Maxi-Peel’s Journey to Renewal. For thirty days, Belle, Crystal, and Shane underwent a specific beauty regimen and treatment (learn more: Tetralysal capsules reviewed), and discovered a significant improvement in their skin.

The formula was very simple. They had to wash their face, exfoliate, and moisturize at night. In the morning, they’re encouraged to cleanse and use sunscreen.

Maxi Peel Regimen

Of course, it took a lot of discipline to stay on track. But because the three ladies are committed to finishing the journey, they successfully finished the 30-day regimen.

There were roadblocks on the road to renewal, but these weren’t strong enough to make these ladies lose sight of their goal. With Maxi-Peel and Marian by their side, they were able to get renewed skin in no time. With the short time given to them, Belle, Crystal, and Shane have more reasons to smile and feel confident about their skin. They now have less breakouts and pimple marks, thanks to Maxi-Peel.

Marian has been so supportive of these girls’ journey to renewal even from the very beginning. As an endorser of the beauty product, she’s the first person to know how effective Maxi-Peel is in helping women get their ideal skin.

She was there when the three ladies found out they’ve been chosen to take on this beautiful journey and has made sure to stay updated with Belle, Shane, and Crystal’s progress. To celebrate their successful ride, Marian has invited the ladies to appear in her weekly program, “Marian.”

UrbanTribe was fortunate to have been a part of this special event, which I’m sure the three ladies will forever remember.

Belle Reveal

Crystal Reveal

Shane RevealNow, Belle, Crystal, and Shane can face the world with confidence after getting improved skin thanks to Maxi-Peel

The big reveal represent much more than appearing on national television. This is the culmination of their long struggle against acne and the affirmation that they can be a better version of themselves; that they are not just beautiful on the inside, but outside as well.

Check out the big reveal in this video:


Despite the negative experiences that resulted from having pimples, Belle, Crystal, and Shane have emerged victorious and they’re now more confident than ever. Appearing on “Marian” was very fitting. This will definitely make them even more confident. I mean, who wouldn’t? You’re in a TV show, serenaded by one of the most popular singers in Asia, and interviewed by the Primetime Queen.

 Christian BautistaThe three ladies who went on a journey to renewal get their much-deserved recognition—as they are being serenaded by Christian Bautista on “Marian”


These would surely merit a lot of confidence points.

My take-away from being, in part, a witness to these girls’ journey to renewal, is that beauty is skin-deep. Blemishes and acne problems are mere challenges—to both men and women—that will push them to strive for improvement.

Despite these challenges, it is possible to improve the way you look. There’s hope for better skin. The only thing you need to remember is that every problem has its solution. In this case, the solution is Maxi-Peel.

For Shane, Belle, and Crystal, finding the solution couldn’t have come at a better time. Maxi-Peel and Marian have given them the confidence they need to face new chapters in their lives.

Maxi-Peel is with these ladies in their ongoing journey towards renewal.

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