Funny Apple Memes And GIFs!

Apple is one of the most renowned and respected brands in the world. There is no question that it is considered by most as an industry leader in both mobile and computing. However, some of its controversies and shortcomings over the years have led to a fair share of criticism – and some funny memes as well!

Celebrating the release of the iPhone 6 in major markets today, below are some of these memes and GIFs. Enjoy!

iOS vs. Android

I see what you did there! Hahaha!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

It takes a bit of time before accepting defeat.

What a way to reinforce stereotypes…

Ganging up on poor Apple I see!

Lol at the dinosaur!


Apple vs. Samsung, BlackBerry, and Nokia

What a way to put a positive spin on a misquote!

As long as they don’t ban bananas.

By unanimous decision, we know who won this fight!

BlackBerry’s spoiling the fun!

Poor Nokia… Hahaha!


Apple vs. Windows (and yeah, Linux too!)

Right there with you, man!

IOS can handle a bit of tinkering, but this is mostly true!

And it’s made of aluminum too…

For this round, Apple wins!

What a way to capitalize on everything.

Lol at the bad impressions we all have of each other!


Apple Maps

It’s like a wrinkle in time…

So that’s why Thelma and Louise died…

How romantic!

Apple Maps speaks the truth. Just have faith…


Other Fun Stuff!

Now we know the inspiration behind the 5c colors!

What a throwback to the iPhone 4’s signal loss controversy!

If only that was indeed possible, it would have been an ingenious way to solve the problem!

What kinds of games can you play with stones aside from skipping them?

With Apple’s brand marketing, it can turn anything to gold!

Well, you kinda need that!


Congratulations on the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Here’s to more Apple jokes in the future!


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