Fresh Food, Great Mood at Moe’s Southwest Grill Uptown Bonifacio

There are few places where you can get the best value-for-money grub because either the price is too steep or the affordable price carries with it a not-so-impressive meal.

It’s great that the times are a-changin’.

More and more restaurants that offer the best in both taste and value are opening up. Moe’s Southwest Grill is definitely one of them.

Situated at the 4th level of the plush Uptown Bonifacio Mall, Moe’s is the FIRST Asian franchise of the popular quick-service-casual dining Mexican restaurant. Moe’s brings to our shores some of the best bang-for-your-buck-burritos, nachos, and so much more.

Everything about the restaurant screams “Come here!” From the vibrant colors of its signage to the bright, cheery paint of the interior and, of course, the food!


Moe's dining area

Moe's seats

‘Fresh’ is the one word that’ll pop into your head the second you enter the restaurant. And I’m not just talking about the ingredients.

Moes Fresh Ingredients

The place is super inviting; like your friend’s newly painted room that you’ve been wanting to see for a long time. All the elements worked together in a perfectly choreographed manner–wall painting, light fixtures, cushioned sofas, wooden seats, and the open kitchen.

Moes fresh tomatoes

By the looks of it, Moe’s grub are going to be extremely satisfying so let’s get started.

Groundbeef Nachos


These are the perfect starters for a group of hungry patrons. Moe’s nachos are next to enormous in terms of serving. A basket is filled with crisp nachos and topped with all the things you want in this popular Mexican snack: chili, cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, and cilantro.Moe's Nachos

Chicken Rice


Looking for something heavier and more filling? A bowl of chicken rice should do the trick. I must warn you, though, that unless you’re really famished and haven’t had anything yet, get someone to share this with because its serving is big enough for two.

Moe's Chicken Rice 2

Steak Stacks


Chunks of beef steak are combined with onions, tomatoes, green pepper, cheese, and a slightly spicy dressing and embraced by a  crisp quesadilla wrapper.

Moes Steak Stacks

Tastes better with the guacamole dip. But most people enjoy it with the restaurant’s most famous dip, queso.

Moes dips

You can also try their other selections.Moe's Sauces

Homewrecker Burrito

(P285 for junior and P325 for regular)

First thing that caught my attention was the name. Homewrecker what? We asked why it’s called that but there’s really no specific reason. And its etymology is clearly not rooted in some dark past (thank God). The staff said that Moe’s didn’t adapt the menu names of their counterparts in the States so they came up with their own.

We could only wonder why it’s called the ‘Homewrecker Burrito’ but I have a theory:

It’s really good that families who order this end up fighting over who gets more because of its good taste.

Also, you can build your own burrito. Choose your protein and pick 5 free add-ons.

Did you know they offered a P10-burrito during their opening day a couple of months ago? We certainly hope they do something similar in the near future 🙂

MOe's Burrito

Interestingly, Moe’s is also a great for vegetarians as they have healthy alternatives for their meat menus.

Moe’s Southwest Grill is one of the food havens here in Uptown Bonifacio. There are many things that’ll make your trip to this part of the city worth it from the very friendly staff to the high quality food. And it seems that we’re not just the ones who really enjoyed what they offer here.

Given the fact that the mall is still not completely finished, the restaurant already has its patrons. We saw families and group of friends during our visit and there’s no doubt that when the mall constructions are done, the foot traffic here will increase.

But why wait? If you want fresh food to bring you good mood, you can always check it out now.


Moe’s Southwest Grill is located at the 4th level of Uptown Bonifacio Mall

Get in touch with them at the following:

Facebook: @MoesPH2016

(02) 417 4309

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