Survival Is the Name of the Game This May in Discover Channel

Survival is essential this May on Discovery Channel.

Brace yourselves for two shows that highlight two kinds of survival that will challenge anyone: surviving a dangerous job interview and surviving the elements.


In the Deadliest Job Interview, tough men and women will be subjected to dangerous tests to land the most perilous jobs in the world, not mentioning specific preliminary checks (ones of the background checks in Canada type).

This six-episode series will follow the ‘applicants’ as they go through the difficult challenges that will help them secure the job, like climbing 200 feet high in the Redwood Forest and climbing to the top of the explosive Stromboli.

Because of the dangerous nature of each job, there’s absolutely no room for errors. And these rookies must learn the ropes as the lowest people on the totem pole and prove their skills and determination to their mentors and peers.

But the biggest motivation comes not from the need to keep their jobs, but to stay alive.

The Deadliest Job Interview premieres May 16, Monday, at 11 PM.

Marooned with Ed Stafford, meanwhile, shows us how to survive with nothing. Ed spends 60 days on a desert island. Marooned and naked, he only has a camera to record his amazing adventure. His challenge is not only to survive but thrive in some of the world’s toughest environments. Each episode shows him in a different remote location with no food, water, or even a knife. The new season of Marooned with Ed Stafford premieres on May 24, Tuesday, at 8PM only on Discovery Channel.

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