Despicable Me 3 review | Magic is not lost

The minions are back. These cute adorable little yellow fellas are set to wreak some naughty antics for sure and we just can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing this time. Now on its third installment, Despicable Me still has that magic that lures in both kids and adults.

We welcome back the baddie-turned-good-guy Gru (Steve Carrell) and his wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) who were still reeling from their termination from the Anti Villains League by the new boss (Jenny Slate) when they failed to nab their biggest enemy, Balthazar Bratt, a former young star rejected by Hollywood who’s now out to seek revenge.

Struggling to tell their three adorable daughters about what happened, Gru also had to deal with a coup d ‘etat staged by the minions who want Gru to come back to the dark side. But Gru was adamant about sticking with his new life as a good citizen so when an unexpected visitor came to tell him of a twin brother he never knew, his core was put to the test. Turns out Dru, his identical twin brother who happens to have a beautiful blonde mane, wanted so much to become a villain so they can continue their dead father’s legacy.

Gru was obviously struggling to come to terms with what his heart and mind are saying. But then he saw an opportunity to satisfy both his not-so-talented twin brother’s deep-seated desire when Bratt managed to steal the world’s biggest diamond.

Despicable Me 3 is obviously a fun movie to watch even for adults. It was fast-paced and had all the right elements that make up a successful franchise.

There was nothing too different or innovative about this one, which is not a negative thing. Besides, why fix what isn’t broke?  Plus, the fact that there are minions should be enough to make you flock down to the cinemas.

Carrell and Wiig make a solid team. They’re engaging and add the human touch to their characters who aren’t exactly rootable at first glance.

There’s plenty of funny moments especially from the minions, even if some of them were just for a few seconds. It’s great, actually, that we weren’t saturated with minion antics unlike in their 2015 movie. This time, their limelight moments were restricted to two: the prison sequence and, my favorite, the audition. The rest were nice embellishments for the real action.

Speaking of real action, Bratt makes for a decent villain. The guy who never got over his rejection was shooting for the moon and provided a compelling arc.

References to the 80s were all over the film, which is nice. And Pharell’s songs were a joy to listen to.

By heart, the movie is all about family — coming to terms with yourself, family you never knew you had, living up to what your parents expect, living up to your own expectations, and the things you’re willing to do for the ones you care about.

And everything worked out well. Despicable Me 3 was a pleasant experience to go through.  There’s just one thing I wish for: another whole song from the minions.

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