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Christmas is just around the corner. And with it comes dozens of parties with officemates, classmates, family, and friends. Do you know what makes Christmas parties even more enjoyable? Booze.

Yes, booze provides the much needed refreshment in occasions like this. Parties are not complete without beer. In fact, this is one of the first things people take care of before the guests arrive.

But let’s face it, getting beer can be a big hassle especially if you have tons of other stuff to do, like prepare food, get the place ready, and check in with guests.

Most of the time, getting beer takes too much effort and if you’re the one in charge of the booze, it’s very likely you’re going to miss out a lot because you have to drive down to the store, carry several cases inside the house, and, most of the time, you have to take care of making sure everyone gets a bottle.

By the time you can finally sit down and pop open a bottle, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just pass the responsibility to someone else? Don’t count on your pals because they won’t want to be the beer boy, for sure.

Lucky for you, there’s Call A Beer.

Call A Beer takes away the hassle of assigning someone to go to the grocery and lining up just to make sure that you have enough beer for the party. This makes getting a beer so easy all you have to do is sit at home and wait for the guys at Call A Beer to deliver the good stuff.

From this day onward, you don’t need to argue over who gets the beer because everyone can just chill and relax. The beer’s taken care of. You just need to wait.

How does this work?

Pick up the phone and Call A Beer. Make sure that you call at least 3 hours before the party. Choose from a wide variety of beer brands and, most importantly, make sure that you are at least 18 years old. The company reserves the right to refuse delivery if you can’t prove that you are not of legal age. There’s a minimum order of 1 case.

Choose from:

    1. San Miguel Light                             795/case
    2. San Miguel Pale Pilsen                   795/case
    3. Red Horse Beer                              795/case
    4. Stella Artois                                     2,640/case
    5. Hoegaarden                                     3.000/case
    6. Corona                                             2,760/case
    7. Bluemoon                                         3,120/case


That’s it. Put down the phone and wait for the guys to deliver your goods. Payment is COD.

Remember, however, that aside from insufficient proof of age, the company can refuse delivery due to intoxication and failure to respond to the delivery process.

Call A Beer is open from 4 pm to 12 mn daily.

Planning a party? Call A Beer right now! 

Contact nos: 02-8974468, 0917-6488777, and 0920-2991111




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