AXN’s “MacGyver” Has an Impressive Historic Season Premiere

Growing up in the 90s, we were exposed to some of the best TV shows to ever air.

They’re so good quite a number of them were picked up for a reboot. “MacGyver” is one very good example.

Although the original series ran from 1985 to 1992 (I was only 8 years old when the series ended), I have vivid memories of Richard Dean Anderson as he magically whips up life-saving tools and equipment using the most basic and random things that are found lying around. Our titos and titas were avid fans of the show, which is why we got to know about it in the first place.

Now, AXN has brought back a new take on the iconic TV character for a whole new generation to appreciate.

macgyver 2016 reboot

The 2016 reboot stars Lucas Till (X-Men) as the titular character, a 20-something who leads a clandestine organization–Phoenix–within the U.S. government. His exceptional knowledge in problem solving combined with his scientific prowess help him and his team save lives on a regular basis.

And it turns out old fans–as well as new ones–were pretty excited for its rebirth because the show’s September 29 premiere was the highest rated series for the network since 2012.

“MacGyver is such a beloved franchise and we are not surprised at how well-received it is,” says Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia’s senior vice president.

The premiere recorded a 53% share among the 22 English general entertainment channels.

I’ve seen the premiere episode and completely loved it. With an impressive premiere like that, we can only hope that more and more people are going to be re-introduced to the TV character our folks used to enjoy watching back in the days.

“MacGyver” airs every Thursday at 9:45 pm first and exclusive on AXN.



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