An Exclusive Look at the Pinoy Teams on The Amazing Race Asia Season 5

There’s one very good reason to tune in to AXN every Thursday night: we’ve got two Pinoy teams competing in this season of The Amazing Race Asia!

Husband and wife Eric and Rona Tai and beauty queens/best friends Maggie Wilson-Consuji and Parul Shah are two of the 11 Asian teams vying for the $100,000 cash prize at “The Amazing Race Asia 5.” Last week, at the press launch where we got the honor of seeing the first episode along with a select group of people (first in the world), we got to know our representatives a little better.
The Amazing Race Asia pinoy teams

Here are some very interesting things you’d want to know about our Pinoy Racers:

‘Not gonna sleep on it’

Maggie has always wanted to join The Amazing Race Asia and when she called her best friend Parul and asked her if she wanted to run the race with her, the former protege immediately said ‘yes.’ Maggie told her friend to think it over first and sleep on it but Parul was really excited to do it.

Lots of screaming for Maggie

The moment she saw the email regarding their audition, Maggie started screaming a lot out of excitement and, naturally, called her best friend to share the really good news.

The case was different for former Showtime host Eric (also fondly known as Eruption). He said he didn’t want to get too excited because he knew that there’s a very long audition process still ahead, so he just remained chill. Fortunately, they made it through.

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Rona had a little dilemma upon being selected for the show. She was pondering on what excuse to tell their friends to explain their month-long absence. Since there’s internet connection basically on the entire planet, they need something to explain why they’re going to disappear from the face of the Earth without raising suspicions.

And she came up with a really good one: they’re going to build houses in Nepal!

Leaving behind loved ones is truly difficult for any racer

Maggie has a four-year old son and having no contact for several weeks was the most difficult part, according to her. For Parul, it was leaving behind her sick dad. She said it’s one of her worries. Will she quit if she gets a call from home? Or will she continue and finish the race?

Sending a strong message to everyone

One of Rona’s motivations in joining the race is to break the stigma that big people are lazy and can’t do anything. She wanted to show everyone that size really doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter when it comes to doing something you enjoy . And if you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll be impressed at this strong, driven woman.

Preppin’ up for the race

As a long-time fan of the show, Maggie binge watched several seasons of the show, including the international ones. Brilliant move considering these episodes will give them valuable information and tips. According to her, she didn’t want to race blind and that’s the perfect way to ensure they do everything right once they tear off that route info clue.

This goes to show her dedication to the race and we wouldn’t be surprised to see her and Parul at the final leg.

Who’s eating what?

Gross eating challenges have become a staple for The Amazing Race, so naturally, the question now is, who’s going to eat what?

Maggie and Parul agreed that if they come to a detour and they both had to eat some gross stuff, Maggie will consume more because Parul is a vegetarian. Just one more proof of how sweet these best friends are to each other.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 airs every Thursday first and exclusive only on AXN.

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