An Exciting Line-up for November from AXN and Sony Channel

November is just around the corner and AXN and Sony Channel have a very exciting line-up of new and returning shows.


From the makers of Heroes and Homeland come a new archeological suspense thriller set in Jerusalem that focuses on an FBI legal attache, Peter Connelly, who investigates crimes committed by and against U.S. citizens on foreign soil. Peter goes down a dangerous path as he tries to solve the murder of a young American archeologist. What he comes to discover is a vast and ancient conspiracy set against the backdrop of an archeological dig beneath the old city.
DIG premieres on November 1, Sunday, at 12 pm. Re-runs are on Saturdays at 9:45 pm starting November 14.

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The Voice Season 9

Voice_S9_KA_Vert (1) (1)

Pharell, Adam, and Blake are back for a new season of chair-turning, this time with Gwen Stefani on the coach’s chair. The 9th season of the hit singing contest starts on November 10-12 (Tuesdays and Thursday) at 7:50 pm. Performance rounds and the results start on November 17 only on AXN. 

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This new series circles on a couple who tries to answer the question “would you risk your marriage to save it?” An unusual chain of events led Neil to the discovery that his wife, Grace, has been seeing a male escort. He eventually ends up becoming one himself.

Satisfaction airs on November 9, weeknights at 9:45 pm on Sony Channel.

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World’s Funniest Videos 

The funny show we’ve all grown up watching is back for more funny clips of people in hilarious situations. Stay tuned for a whole new countdown of funny home videos. World’s Funniest Videos airs on November 10 at 7 pm.
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