American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 5| “The US Steel of Murder”

Let’s cut to the chase! American Horror Story: Freak Show’s 5th episode, “Pink Cupcakes” was by far, had the most disturbing scene across the franchise.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

White Collar’s lead actor, Matt Bomer guest-starred as Andy, a male prostitute working in a secluded gay bar in Florida. We learned that Dell (Chiklis) was a regular customer in there for a month and was madly in love with Andy (shocking right? we’ll talk about that later).


Dell wanted to remove Andy from his life as a prostitute but couldn’t commit on a promise to run away. On the other hand, Andy finds Dell’s sweet talk BS and rebuked all his offers of a proper living space. “When I’m here, I’m working. You get what I’m saying?” said Andy, thus suggesting that everything he had going with Dell was just pure business.


Dell stormed off the bar leaving Andy alone. Guess who came to join Andy at the table? Its non other than our psycho rich brat, Dandy (Wittrock).

Andy made it very clear to Dandy how his rate goes. Ranging from a dollar to sit with him, going as high as 20 bucks to take him home.

Dandy took Andy to the spot where Twisty (Lynch) formerly lived. We all know this is about to get ugly. As soon as both of them were undressed, Dandy immediately stabbed Andy several times.


In this most gruesome and disturbing scene I’ve ever laid eyes on. We saw how psycho Dandy repeatedly thrusted the knife into Andy’s chest. Blood and tension filled the scene. It was uncomfortable to watch as it looked realistic.



In the background, Dandy’s monologue of rules in becoming a murderer added a creep factor to the scene. What I think the most disturbing part was when Dandy was sawing off Andy’s arm (Andy was still alive). Dandy reprimanded Andy by saying that he was making it hard for him. But at the last moment of his life, he begged for Dandy to finish him off and end the torture.



Kudos to Matt Bomer for taking such a scandalous role. His part as Andy will go down in the books as the most gruesome murder ever in AHS history. While Finn Wittrock, I believe is slowly stealing away the spotlight from Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson.

I’m head-over-heels with Finn. Aside from his good looks and physique. The acting to commitment and execution of his role as Dandy was what the French would say “magnifique.”


Acting crazy could sometimes be easy. But what makes Finn differ is his wonderful transition of emotions from sad, perky and apologetic to a deranged and sinister one. And he’s damn good with it. He’s certainly someone I’m watching out for in AHS: Freak Show. He’s the perpetrator of my nightmares now.

Meanwhile, basing on observations about the current theme and where its going. Clearly, homosexuality is a huge topic this season, from closeted Stanley (O’Hare) to Dell’s love affair with Andy. It’s certainly an issue that they’re dealing with, since back in the days, gay people were considered “freaks.”

No wonder why Dell had the hots for Ethel (Bates), the bearded lady and Desiree (Bassett), the three-breasted hermaphrodite. Add to that was his issue of “getting it up” with girls. That explains why! And I’m loving how Chiklis is adapting to the role. He’s not just the bully and mean Dell Toledo, but also a closeted gay man who fell in love.

But as it turned out, Desiree was no hermaphrodite. After her uhm.. awkward and bloody moment with Jimmy (Peters) and his lobster hands. It was revealed that Desiree was 100% woman by the doctor, and that her ding-a-ling was actually an enlarged clitoris.


Angela Bassett, as Desiree, is starting to grow on me. Out of all the characters this season, her bold attitude makes the story a lot less depressing. She serves as the comic relief and makes me laugh whenever she opens her mouth to sass-talk, like her role as Marie Laveau last season.


Last episode, Frances Conroy as Gloria Mott, mother to Dandy, was particularly invisible. I’ve also previously mentioned how I find Gloria’s character a bit disturbing for spoiling Dandy. And boy was I right!

After discovering Dora’s (LaBelle) body in the dining area. Gloria hysterically cried and shouted at the sight of her dead helper. Dandy rushed in pretending to be shocked. But what surprised me is how she instantly knew it was Dandy and gave him nothing more but a slap on the wrist. That was it!



I couldn’t believe how she managed to even get convinced in hiding the body, even giving Dandy a lecture about how rich families deal with such scandals and how it was inevitable that a serial killer is bound to pop out in every 1 or 2 generations.

Maybe if I were in Gloria’s shoes, I’d find it really hard as well. It’s devastating to know that your only son is on a murdering spree. You’re torn between the undying love as a mother and the pressure of being a law-abiding citizen. I’d go crazy just as she is about to be this season.

Gabourey Sidibe also appears this episode as Regina, daughter of Dora. She’ll be an interesting additional part on the lives of Gloria and Dandy. Would she ever discover the truth about her mother’s death?


Back at the carnival, Elsa (Lange) was heckled during her performance. This made her devastated and decided to accept the bogus offer of Stanley in appearing at a TV show. Elsa believed that TV will kill the art of performing and that made her hesitant to jump into it.



Little did she know, Bette and Dot (Paulson) were also offered the same thing, making Stanley’s plan of pitting the two against each other a success.


Editing is also different this season. The trick they played during the untimely death of Bette after eating the poisoned pink cupcake was something I dreaded during those fateful 2-3 minutes. Only to find out that it was just Stanley day-dreaming.


If memory serves me right, they have never done any of those kind for the past 3 seasons. They were more on flashbacks. So I’m already on the look out next episode for this.

Just when I thought that Bette and Dot were safe, was all very wrong. The episode ended when Elsa, jealous of the twins arising stardom, drove the two into the Mott Mansion, which meant that she sold Bette and Dot to Gloria.


And who lives with Gloria? Dandy, the guy who just mutilated a male prostitute and sliced her nanny’s throat. That’s where Bette and Dot will be sold to. God bless the twins for what will happen to them.

5 stand-out characters/moments for episode 5:

1. Overly-protective Gloria & Crazy Dandy


2. Stanley’s Evil Plot


3. The Murder of Andy


4. Sassy Desiree


5. Dell’s Weakness


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