All New Exciting Adventures on Discovery Channel This June

Whether it’s on the toughest terrains or the darkest places on earth, Discovery Channel has the kind of adventure you are looking for all this month.

The Island with Bear Grylls returns for a second series, but this time the ultimate survival experiment will attempt to discover whether British women – as well as men – have what it takes to survive when pushed to the limits of human endurance.  

14 British women will be abandoned on one remote desert island in the Pacific Ocean, while 14 British men will inhabit another, separate island.  This time, the survival challenge will be harder and longer than before, as the castaways attempt to survive entirely on their own wits for six grueling weeks at the height of the tropical storm season. Will modern day men and women still have what it takes to survive? The Island with Bear Grylls premieres June 7, airing Tuesdays, at 9PM.

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Two survivalists have two very different ideas about what it takes to survive. In the new season of Dual Survival, they’ll take on some of the planet’s most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate, in their own way, how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive. Dual Survival premieres June 14, airing Sundays at 8PM.

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And in the new season of Trailblazers, the quest to expand the boundaries of human knowledge draws scientists to explore ever deeper, taking them into the darkest places on earth.  Death waits at every turn, but protecting them from danger are the Trailblazers — members of a brotherhood of elite survivalists who are sworn to keep every expedition safe, risking their lives to ensure everybody makes it in, completes their mission and gets back out alive. Trailblazers premieres June 27, airing Mondays at 10PM.

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