7 Things About Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen X Premiere

The Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X premiere was lukewarm for me.

Yes, even with the unprecedented evacuation due to the cyclone, the 33rd season’s premier was not as exciting as the others. While there were a number of interesting characters, it simply didn’t impress.

But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop watching.

Here are 7 noteworthy moments in Survivor’s first episode:

1. Fiji looked really beautiful in HD

Survivor: Fiji wasn’t too memorable and it somehow made us miss the fact that the exotic location is also beautiful. The wide shots were amazing. It’s like I’m seeing Fiji for the first time with the lush forests, pristine waters, and beautiful sandbars.

2. Gen X and millennials were on it from the get-go

Each season Jeff gathers everyone around at the beginning of the game and he engages in some conversation. This is when we can pick up clues to who’s got a best shot at winning or the possible conflicts that may arise.

During the premiere, it’s interesting to see how some of the Gen X members didn’t hold back in expressing their honest opinions about the way millennials think and act, which obviously didn’t sit well with Michaela.


3. Long-term and short-term solutions

Right before each tribe were sent off their respective camps, Jeff gave the survivors a chance to gather supplies from food to tools. Interestingly, the Millennials chose the temporary fix over a long-term benefit by selecting the chickens over the fishing gear.

Does this reflect the common misconception about the way millennials do things?

The Gen X tribe, unsurprisingly, chose the fishing gear. And they know the importance of looking far ahead.

It’s interesting to know how these seemingly random decisions from the millennials are going to turn out.


4. Gen X tribe’s ironic challenge decisions

During the first ten minutes of the show, the Gen X made it clear how they feel that the millennials aren’t always willing to work on stuff; that they prefer the shorter route to success. It’s a fair assessment.

But then, they decide to use all the shortcuts during the immunity challenge. And still they lost.

So what does that tell us?

5. A new pretty people alliance

In Survivor: Caramoan, Eddie, Reynold, Hope, and Allie made the stupid mistake of making their alliance so obvious to their tribe even when they are aware that the others know about it.

None of them made it to the end.

This time, an even stupider group is bound to make the same mistake.

Taylor and Jay seem to be more concerned about hanging out with the cool kids, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if they get voted out early. The funny thing is they are also aware that it’s dangerous. All it takes is one person to get a whiff of their pretty people scent to send them packing and yet, they continue to hang out and isolate the others.

Good luck to your pretty faces.

6. A so-so group of castaways

I could be speaking prematurely but none of these people really stand out yet. Even Zeke, who was the least person who you’d think can start a fire, wasn’t jumping at me. It could just be me but it’s a little hard to figure out who’s going to take it all with the things we’ve seen in Episode 1.

I hope this turns out well in future episodes.

But if there’s anything close to a standout, it has to be Hannah and Michelle.

Hannah is obviously either a Cochran or Aubry. She has potential. Michelle, on the other hand, despite being in the dumb pretty people alliance looks like she’s smarter than she actually is. It’s hard to reconcile her job to the vibes she’s emitting, which is a strategic femme fatale.


7. First-ever cast evacuation

The evacuation is unprecedented and it’s no wonder why it can be one of this season’s selling points. But, unfortunately, it didn’t really add to the drama needed to make this premiere episode stand out and for understandable reasons. They really can’t film the actual cyclone or show the castaways while in isolation. But I thought they may have thought of some thing to somehow hype it, to add drama to the episode.

Regardless, it’s historic and if this season doesn’t turn out to be among the greatest in game play and outcome, it will, at the very least, have the distinction of having the very first cast evacuation.



And oh, Gen X’s Rachel Ako was the first person voted out of Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen X. Not surprising given how annoying she was at camp and her losing performance at the puzzle. Good luck, Rachel! You seemed like a fun character but your adventure was short lived.

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