7 Things About Survivor 33 Episode 2 | A Black Widow In the Making

Survivor has raised the ante this week.

It was a good sign that despite a dismal premiere, this season might have something great to offer us. The players definitely delivered this time and it was a fun tribal.

7. Unlikely alliance between David and Ken


Last week, I thought David should’ve been eliminated instead of Rachel just because Rachel seemed like a character that might give the tribe some drama in the coming days. I still think that way but David’s discovery of the hidden immunity idol gives me a little hope that he could stir up some much-needed drama.

Also, the unlikely bond between him and Ken is something to look forward to. It was a little surprising that Ken was excluded from the 6-person alliance because he’s not the type to be passed over by most people.

Apparently, he and David has something in common and being shy made them gravitate towards each other.

It’s interesting to see how this alliance pans out.

6. Scary health situation


Last season was brutal and led us to see the scariest medevac in history. This season I thought we’re going to see the closest thing to a near-death evacuation. Glad to see that Paul’s fine.

It’s ironic how things always turn around in Survivor. When someone talks about how confident they are in their position, something always happens to change their fate. Seconds ago, we hear Paul talk about being in control of the game. Then we suddenly see him lying on the ground, unable to feel his arms.

Then Dr. Joe comes and tells Jeff he may have had a heart attack.

That is absolutely scary.

However, I really thought they were going to pull him out of the game due to safety reasons. I mean, there’s still a chance he could get a heart attack, right? Why risk it?

5. No Rob and Amber, obviously


Last week we talked about how stupid it is to, first, have a Pretty People Alliance, and, second, to make it known to the rest of the tribe. This week, we saw how a lot more stupid Taylor and Figgy is to take their alliance to a new level by making out.

You’d think that after 32 seasons these people would know that a power couple is always a target. I liked how Michaela called them out in front of the tribe and rang all the bells.

You’d think that the two would reign it in but no. How is it possible that these two are that stupid? Everyone should realize that the only one who can pull off having a romance and get to the end is Rob Mariano.

And it’s very obvious that Taylor is nowhere near a Rob Mariano.

They better hope their alliance can deflect the target they’ve created for themselves.

4. Clever hidden immunity idol

The last two seasons have given us new ways to enjoy watching castaways search for the hidden immunity idols. And just when you thought you can’t come up with fresh ways to conceal an idol, you see it being fished out of a coconut.

I mean, how can you get it in there? Hats off to the props department. Really clever.

3. Jay is smarter than he looks

First impressions really are misleading. That’s the case with Jay. I didn’t realize that this guy has his game hat on. Beneath the surfer dude look is someone who’s got a good grasp of the social game. And that’s good to know.

He’s down to voting out his ally Figgy but he’s smart enough to not blindside them by talking to Taylor about it and getting Figgy and Michaela to patch things up to save their alliance.

He could redeem all the Eddies and Reynolds in the world.


2. A black widow in the making

I still find it hard to reconcile the Michelle we see on TV and her occupation. Last week, we got a glimpse of what she’s capable of strategically when she aligned herself with Taylor, Jay, and Figgy and then ensured she doesn’t alienate others by connecting with Hannah.

Most times, the cool girls won’t even bother looking at Hannah’s direction. Michelle made it clear she’s out to win the game and befriending Hannah proved beneficial this week as she single-handedly flipped the majority vote to save Figgy.

It’s amazing how she’s able to wait until the last minute to change the plan and get Hannah to change her vote without giving a logical explanation.

“Please trust me,” she says when Hannah asks why.

And trust Hannah did.

Michelle’s a black widow in the making.

1. Words that shall not be said


There seems to be a curse in Survivor (aside from the extinct car curse) and anyone who says they’re safe oftentimes gets voted out that same episode.

If you’re playing in future seasons, know that you should NEVER say these things:

I’m safe.

I think I’m in control.

She/He is going to be blindsided.

I would love to see a blindside tonight.

Mari, in a conversation, was a little concerned and asked if Figgy would sense a blindside.

The second she mentioned “blindside” I knew there’s a good possibility that something will change. Add that to her numerous confessionals and her downplaying Hannah and Michelle’s conversation during tribal and you’ll come to the conclusion that her time’s up.

Quite sad because she seems like she’s got a lot of game in her.

And I’d like to see another Asian go far in Survivor.



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